Get the Best: Quality, Value and Service. Thousands of students around the world have trusted here™, with all their academic Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia is a pretty terrible person. He is such an unfortunately small-minded man that it shocks the system that he has been able to rise and become one of the nine most important people in the United States’s judicial system. Today, the Supreme Court heard the oral arguments for what is being called a pivotal case in the history of affirmative action—Fischer v. University of Texas. The Justices are allowed to ask questions, with the exception of the silent Justice, Clarence Thomas, who just stares lovingly at his idol Antonin Scalia. Here’s the transcript of part of Scalia’s exchange this morning:

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Justice Antonin Scalia is a self-described “Constitutionalist,” which means he believes that our country’s laws should be based solely on the tenets that:

  • People of color and woman are inferior.
  • People of color are more inferior than women.
  • Woman are still pretty inferior and should not be allowed to vote.
  • Woman of color can be raped by their owners.

This is a man making a decision that will affect millions of people’s lives in our country, and the hopes of reversing our country’s most loathsome mistake.

by Walter Einenkel –